Costa Rica Videos

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Costa Rica Part 1 is a compilation of videos shot during the first half of our nine day trip to Costa Rica. Locations include San Jose, Puntarenas, Jaco, and Manuel Antonio.
Costa Rica Part 2 is a compilation of videos shot during the second half of our nine day trip to Costa Rica. This portion includes some very exciting activities as well as our friends beautiful wedding. Locations include  Puntarenas, San Carlos, La Fortuna, and San Jose.

This past year our friends decided to get married in beautiful Costa Rica and were nice enough to include us in their plans. The wedding gave us an opportunity to explore a new place as well as support our friends as they tied the knot. The entirety of the trip was phenomenal, filled with great moments and lasting memories. We were able to catch some of those moments and memories on film and edited them together into our Costa Rica videos. Our Costa Rica videos are broken into two parts. The first Costa Rica video focuses on our own exploration of the country. The second Costa Rica video is primarily centered around our friends and the activities related to the wedding.



In 2016 we celebrated a birthday in Nicaragua then headed our way down to Costa Rica by foot (and cab/bus). We spent about 4 days in Costa Rica and had a lovely time exploring waterfalls and surfing!

Watch from the beginning of the trip!