Must Haves

PictureNameDescription/pros and cons/ why we used it
Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth SpeakersGreat little speaker with built in battery. We really like traveling with this guy. We got it for $35 and has been really handy to have on our trips. You can find out more about it here.
Micro SD Host Adapter with USB ConnectionThis was very useful for transferring items from our cell phones to and from sd cards and hard drives with our phones. One of our phones took amazing pictures, but was limited on hard drive space. If you have a computer with you, you can easily transfer the pictures off the phone to make room for more pictures. However, its not easy bringing a computer with you when traveling. This device is very convenient if used properly, and can eliminate the need for a computer while traveling. It enabled us to copy our files onto a external hard drive so that we could make room on our phones to take more pictures. You should be able to purchase one for around $5. You should make sure your phone is OTG capable before buying. If you want to get one you can get yours here.
64GB Micro SD Card Nothing is worse than running out of digital storage while on a trip. We purchased two of these guys to make sure that didnt happen. Additionally, these are great for putting movies on so you have something to watch on flight/layovers. If you are shooting in higher definition, you want to make sure to get a class 10 SD card with a high transfer rate. You can find the ones we used here.
Sony Action Cam with Live View RemoteThe Sony Action Cam AS100V is a small point of view camera. It has image stabilization built in, GPS, and is splashproof. You can buy it with or with out the Live View Remote but the remote is helpful. We frequently use the Sony Action Cam. A lot of the footage from our Costa Rica Videos posted on this site was shot with two separate sony action cams.

The major pros to this camera is it is small and light-weight which was great for traveling. It records voices pretty clearly except when in the underwater housing unit. The LVR was extremely useful in helping us see what we were recording. The LVR also lets you start and stop recording as well as acts as a remote for the camera to take pictures. If you have multiple Sony action cams, the LVR can start recording on both camera at the same time. This happens to be very useful when you get around to editing the videos.The LVR is waterproof and also has a watch on it, which is wonderful for snorkeling and diving.

The cons:

There is a red light that lights up when the camera is recording and it was slightly annoying so we covered it with tape. The action cam does not have a playback feature or screen on the actual camera to see how your shot looks.

Overall these cameras with the LVR are pretty great. I would guess its hard to find a better camera and LVR for under $300. If you are interested in getting one, you can find them here.

Underwater case: Flat LenseThis is an additional underwater case for the sony action cam. It is used for underwater filming. The benefit to this compared to the underwater case included in with the sony action cam is it allows the camera to shoot a cleaner picture. Also, when you bring the camera out of the water, you dont get as many blurry water spots on the lens. You can also go to a greater depth with this case. The major disadvantage is there are no sound holes. Most audio recorded is undistinguished while the camera is in the case. If you plan to snorkel or scuba dive with a sony action cam you may be interested in getting this case. You can get one here.

Extra Sony Action Cam BatteriesThis is just a set of extra batteries that work with the sony action cam. The included charger is crap and doesnt work well, but the batteries will allow you to keep filming for hours. If you think you will be somewhere without power, having extra batteries never hurt. You can click here to get more information on this set.
Outdoor Sports Accessories KitThe Outdoor Sports Accessories Kit comes with 17 attachments, 1 pouch for adapter pieces and 1 shock proof carrying case. The kit came in handy throughout our entire trip. We used every attachment it came with. It was convenient to have the carrying case to organize all of the pieces. We actually cut out a space in the extra foam so that both our Sony action cams would fit. Some of the mounts/attachments included we didnt think we would ever use, but turns out, you can find a good use for every mount. The case was great for keeping everything together and organized. Great value for the price since you would end up spending much more if you purchased all of the attachments individually.

Overall, this kit is amazing. It works for mounting other cameras as well, not just the sony action cam. Included are attachments for gopros. If you think you could use this accessory kit, you can get one by clicking here.

Selfie Stick with Cell Phone HolderThe Selfie Stick with Adjustable Cell Phone Holder comes with detachable monopod and secure cell phone attachment piece that can fit almost any size cell phone. We used the selfie stick to catch great group photos and selfies of course. The cell phone attachment will detach and hook up to tripods and other mounts as well. When the cell phone attachment is not attached to the selfie stick, the stick can be used to attach most cameras. If your phone takes great pictures I would recommend picking up one of these. You can can buy yours here.
WD My Passport Wireless 2 TB Wi-Fi Mobile StorageThe WD My Passport is a wireless storage device that can connect multiple devices. It can connect with up to 8 devices at a time and can backup and transfer data from an SD card. We used the WD My Passport to backup all of our pictures and videos at the end of each day. This is easily done by placing the sd card into the device. No computer is needed which is extremely convenient when traveling. With the “Micro SD Host Adapter with USB Connection” listed above, we were able to transfer all of our cell phone videos and pictures onto this hard drive as well. You can actually transfer your cell phone data to the device by connecting to it wireless, but the host adapter has a much faster transfer rate. Another benefit of this hard drive, is it has its own built in battery so you can transfer data when you are somewhere very remote. This is very useful if you think you will be staying somewhere with limited or no electricity. This was a great investment in my opinion. You can find them here if you are interested in purchasing one.



Seavenger Snorkeling SetThe Seavenger Snorkeling set comes with mask, fins, dry top snorkel and carrying bag. This is one of the first travel equipment investments we have made, and it has been one of the best. We bring our snorkeling gear to every beach possible. We have actually saved a lot of money by toting this set along with us. Also, it’s nice to know that no one else has used your mouth-piece.The kits run for around $35. Renting gear can be around that price, and you only get the gear for a few hours. This gear is also pretty amazing and likely better than the gear that you will rent. There are valves built in all over it to prevent water from getting in. If water does get in, there is a water exhaust valve that is designed to push out water without you needing to resurface. I have talked several friends and family members into purchasing this set. If you like spending time in the ocean this is a no brainier purchase. The set can be found here.
Nikon D3300Not a must have, but sure is nice. You can find it by clicking here